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Women in the clubs...
Simple question.

Why do women go to clubs?

This is my first post on this website, so I would like to start off by saying that although its going to seem like I'm an asshole, I'm not. I'm just a guy whoís not afraid to speak his mind and I donít care what you think. This is a subject I have been studying for a very long time now. I have a weird mind and I canít look at something without wondering what makes it work. Women being the only thing I havenít figured out yet, and I donít expect to. I dont expect to be a relationship Guru since I have had my share of good and bad (mostly bad) relationships. But I do want to learn everything I can, so my future decisions are better pertaining to women and relationships. This is long but informative. Please read the whole thing if you have time and donít be afraid to leave me your thoughts. I have frequented the clubs. I have done my rounds. Taken notes and talked to hundreds of women, fat, smart, ugly, and model type. These are the conclusions I have come up with. There are a couple of types of women that go to the clubs. They ALL fall within these categories.

The Gold-digger:
Men sometimes donít notice. Men sometimes think they have everything in check. They donít. These women are the ones that come to the club BROKE. Not a dime in their pocket. They expect to get in free and drink free all night. Itís not their fault. Clubs have screwed it up for all of us men from day one. They let women in free and give them free drinks all night so when they go to another club itís this scenario.

DOOR GUY: Its $5 please.


DG: $5.

GD: Oh Hell Nah. I donít pay to get into clubs.

DG: $5.

GD: Do you know who I am. I know the DJ.

DG: Sorry. You are not on the list. Itís $5.

GD: I know the Promoter. You have no idea who I am. Donít make me call my connections.

DG: $5.

GD: You are in so much shit. I am calling my guy right now and heís going to come out here and there are going to be problems. You just fucked up. Donít treat me like I'm some regular girl. You donít even know how much pull I have here. I know everyone. I donít believe I walked up here to get disrespected and treated like shit. I'm taking names and you are going to be out of a job by tomorrow morning.

DG: Please step to the side so the rest of the line can come through. Thank you.

95% of the time the girl stands there, makes or pretends to make some calls. Or basically just stands there and waits until she sees someone she knows in the club and tries to wave them down. Normally, they end up paying to get in. People like me, who work directly for the owner or the Promoter, donít even walk outside. We know this happens and donít even want any part of it. I know you are fine. I know you bought a new outfit. I know you gave the DJ a blowjob 7 months ago. I DONT GIVE A SHIT. You are taking money out of my pocket directly. $5 each doesnít seem like much, but when there are 1400 people in the club, it adds up. Quickly. Your sexual favors mean nothing to me. Especially when they were given to someone else. I donít owe you shit. Trust me, there are 800 other fine women in here that look just as good if not better than you. One more makes no difference. My chances are the same. Make your calls. Take names. Bitch and complain. It doesnít matter. Itís rare that I let a girl in unless she is directly linked to me in some way. Friends/family get first priority. They actually call and tell me they are coming or ASK if they can get in. Thatís respect. The rest of you can take your chances at the door. And whatever you do, DONT and I mean DO NOT drop my name at the door. Every person that works there knows that if my name is dropped, you are paying. They wont come get me, they already know, you pay. PERIOD. If you have some sense you will text me or call me before you get there and you wonít have any problems. Otherwise, get your $5 out. The gold-digger will diss you in the club. BUT if they see you talking to the owner or local superstar, she will come back to you. They want to have pull. Have recognition. Be known. They can tell you to fuck off in the club, then walk out and see you get in your Mercedes and come back and apologize. I turn cute within seconds sometimes when they find out I'm the promoter. I was just ugly 3 minutes ago. Now I am cute. Now I am fine. And I didnít even go home and change my clothes or get some quick plastic surgery. I turned fine as soon as the POWER is seen. The power to be above the next girl. To get more recognition than the other girls in the club. To meet the stars. To be seen in the DJ booth or in the VIP. Instant makeover.

The Drinker:
This is probably the majority of the women in the club. Once they get in, they go straight to the bar. They stand there. Pose. Turn around. Laugh with their friends. They make eye contact with the guys they think are cute and they smirk/laugh at the ones they donít think are worthy. BUT they never buy a drink. If drinks are free, then they drink up. Donít tip. Swallow fast and order another. Until the bartender decides that heís tired of taking demands and not getting tipped. So they move to another bartender. After they have worked every bartender in the club, they go to where the action is and stand there. Look pretty. Dance a little with their girls or alone. With just a swallow in their glass. And wait. And wait. A guy will usually come up and try to talk to them. So they drink whatís left of their drink as fast as they can and the guy will usually say. "Can I buy you a drink?" MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. That first drink always leads to the second drink, which leads to another, until she gets tired of you or the guy runs out of money. They know EXACTLY what to do to keep you buying. Laugh at your lame jokes. Touch you every once in a while. Tell you that you are so funny/cute. Conversation is usually bullshit. They avoid questions like "Do you have a man?" or "Are you single?" That doesnít matter to them. Just keep buying them drinks. The man might have a chance, but most donít. You might get a number. If you do, call it RIGHT THEN AND THERE. See if it rings. Women are smart. Men think that they are always smarter. That we have more game than any other man on earth. We dont. Women do. They do this every day. We get lucky half the time. If you buy her enough drinks, then you MUST get her away from her friends if you want a chance to take this girl home. YOU HAVE TO. One of her friends is usually designated driver. She didnít drink. She knows you are ugly. She knows you are married. She knows you are just trying to get some. She will cock-block you so quick that you wont know what happened until you are walking out alone calling and texting this bullshit number this girl gave you. Do it however you want but get her away from her friends and talk to her. Keep her laughing or you will end up getting laughed at when her friends are driving her home saying "Girl you are drunk as shit, you did NOT think you were going home with that ugly ass, broke asshole. Thank us for saving you girl." Guys, always have a wingman. When in groups, take turns. Everyone gets a turn. You have to have a guy that will "take one for the team". That takes the friend out of the picture. Usually the designated driver is the fat, ugly friend who has a nice car. If your friend covers her, you have a much better chance with the one you are with. Take turns. Your friend was the wingman last week, itís your turn this week. Do your job.

The Cheater:
Goes to the club knowing DAMN WELL she has a man at home or her man is working. She isnt happy for some reason. No sex. Bad sex. Broke ass husband. Whatever the case, she is at the club. She can go two ways about it. Tell you sheís married, or tell you sheís single. Either way, she has someone and you donít know/care if she does or not. She is there for a reason. Money. Sex. Drinks. Her choice. Either way, she knows she has to go home to someone and you donít really know shit. Listen for the signs. If they give you their number, they will give you rules. "Donít call after 6PM. Donít text me at night. I canít tell you where I live because I have a roommate." If the girl is real and knows what she wants, then they will tell you straight up. "I'm married. I got a man at home. I donít want anything serious." That means she is either trying to diss you or she wants to fuck. But thatís it. If she wants some sex, you will know. Trust me, itís not hard to tell. But watch out for the drinker. (refer to Drinker type above). She might just be leading you on to buy more drinks. Guys listen carefully. Women are ALL mental. They need attention. They want to believe they still have it, that they are wanted. Most women these days are not Halle Berry or Jennifer Lopez. They believe they are fat and ugly. No matter how much they weigh or how sexy they are. Most women have low self-esteem. No matter what anyone tells them. Men donít fight this. You wonít win. Compliments are the only way to fight this. Give them a lot of compliments and make them seem real. I say this again....Women are smarter than we think. They know when we are bullshitting them. ESPECIALLY when we are drinking. Donít think you can just walk in and pussy is going to get thrown at you because you scored last week. ALL women are different. What works with one can get you slapped with another. Donít blow your head up. You will NEVER win. A woman will knock you down really quick when you go to her with that confidence shit. Itís good but its bad. Pick your spots.

The HO, Slut, Skank, Regular, etc.:
This is the girl EVERYONE can get. I am in the club regularly because I have to be. I see them leave with a different guy every night. Usually a new guy to the club. A guy that doesnít know better. He thinks he has game. Thinks he is the man. Thinks he has so much game that he pulled this bitch. WRONG. Donít get mad when your friend tells you he had her already. Ask beforehand. Everyone knows her. Security, bartenders, promoters and club regulars know this girl when she walks in. No big deal to us. We know better. Good luck. This girl just wants dick. Doesnít matter whos. She wonít leave alone. Better you than me. Come back next week, but donít expect her to be all over you like last week. Donít get mad. You should have done your research. She will tell you that you are the shit. That she doesnít normally do this. She will say please donít tell anybody. That you are different. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Sorry. Heard that before. Get what you want and move on. Feel great about yourself and talk shit to your boys all you want because come next week, and you will feel stupid. Donít take it out on her. She is use to this shit. Pick your ego up off the floor and put it back in your pocket. Donít get down over it, it happens.

The Dancer:
Comes to the club to actually dance. Dances with you and everyone else. That usually doesnt mean she is going home with you. She will let you touch her while making you hard on the floor but has her limits. Sheís there for a reason. TO DANCE. Try if you want. Odds are against you. She didnít come here to pick up a man and she might be married. (refer to The Cheater above) You wonít know until you spent all night dancing and then go home alone. Again I say, WOMEN ARE MENTAL. You donít take their body home, you take their mind. If you are a real player, you can TALK them into going home with you. Without the drinks. Without spending the money. But good luck with this type. Money/Sex/Drinks donít matter to her. She came to dance. Let her dance. Move on. Your chances are better with others.

The Whooper:
As in the Pussy-Whooper. GUYS BEWARE. She knows about this game. She can whoop you. I know most guys think they are unwhoopable. Think again. You think we have this game down? LOL. Please. Women have this game down. She will stroke you and play with your buttons. Push them and turn them back off. She will make you feel like a king only to knock you back down. No matter how high she makes you, she will always be above you. BEWARE. She will run you dry. She will fuck the shit out of you and then lock her legs up for a while so you can come wanting and begging for it. She knows what she is doing. You only THINK you do. You will fall in love with whatís between her legs and she will know it. END GAME. Run the credits. You have just been whooped. Women are better at this game because they have what WE want. Not the other way around. She can get it wherever and whenever she wants. EXAMPLE: Woman is horny. Walks into bar/club, any one of them, her choice. Jumps up on the bar and pulls her skirt up and yells "I wanna get fucked, who wants some of this?" Thereís a line of guys. She can take her pick of who she wants. She has choices. She goes home and gets EXACTLY what she wanted. OK. Change the scenario. A guy is horny. Walks into a bar/club. Jumps up on the bar, unzipps and says "Iím handing out dick. Who wants some?" WRONG. You will get dropped by security. Punched and kicked on the way out. You will never go back there without being the butt end of a joke. You get slapped multiple times while you are being dragged out. You are a pervert, an asshole, a jerk. Same scenario. Different outcome. See my point? They ARE in control. Accept it. Work it. Use it. Find your open doors and run in and lock the door behind you. Women are ruthless. Men just believe they are. Donít get mad at me. Iím just being real.

The last and final type is the UNKNOWN:
Exactly as it says. Unknown. Could be either of the types. This is where I am lost. She could be there for sex. She could be there to dance. She could be there to drink. NOBODY KNOWS. She could be there WITH her man. Itís a toss up. You wonít know until you try. I have seen a small percentage of women actually go to the club, have some drinks, flirt, dance, and leave. Could be married. Could be a ho. Might have to go home early because she works early. Nobody knows. Every one of these types can be another type at the flip of a switch. After a shot at the bar. After you dance with them. After you tell them they look sexy. They can change into any type in a second. So read all this and understand this. ITS YOUR CALL. Try your luck. Itís all a numbers game. The more you try. The better your chances. Unlike most men, I'm not afraid to get dissed. I'm not afraid to go home alone. I donít give a shit. Iím not looking. If I like something, I will try. Itís 50/50. Yes or no. Get some balls and try. Iím sure of myself. I donít care if you dissed me. It is her choice. She knows what she wants.

Please make note that these are not facts with EVERY woman. Some are different. Any man can pull any woman at any time if they have what the woman wants. Watch the movie "Hitch". Itís all about chance. There is ALWAYS a chance. It just depends on what you are looking for and what you can tolerate in the future. I canít say I am the shit. I'm not. I might know a little more than the next but the next guy can come take my girl in an instant. I know how it is. Please donít send me hatemail telling me how stupid I am or how you hate me. I am stating what I have seen and researched. Take it as it is. If I disrespected anyone, I apologize. You can take this and learn from it or wipe your ass with it. It makes no difference to me. This is my post. If it helps someone or you believe I have some sort of point. Let me know. I'm sure I will get blasted on here. Itís OK. I will live to post again. Have a great day. Play away. Just donít get caught up!!!!



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too funny yet 90% true


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